A Certified off-grid Solar PV Technician agrees to

  • Deal with all customers fairly and truthfully;
  • Respect the rights of the customer;
  • Provide customers with safe systems and explains the types of risks involved and how to avoid them;
  • Provide customers with systems comprising quality equipment and installations protected by warranties.
  • Install all systems in accordance with the Industry Best Practice Guidelines (see Annex 2) and any relevant standards that are applicable in the country in which the system is being installed.
  • Not undertake any business practices that could damage the reputation of the solar energy industry.
  • Avoid any conduct which might lead to a conflict with the customer or others.
  • Not use the certification in such a manner as to bring the RCS into disrepute.
  • Discontinue use of and all claims to certification upon expiry, suspension or withdrawal of certification, and return any certificates to the RCB.
  • Not use the certificate in a misleading manner.
  • Inform/remind the customer about the electrical equipment to be used and their daily time usage.
  • Inform the client about maintenance (preventive and curative) and the role they need to play

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